High growth countries are retooling their economies. For policy makers, timely insights on industrial capacity and global competition are key for good policies. Our unparalleled in-depth primary research of private sector technology industries supports sound strategic policy design and implementation.

For public sector clients, we offer fast and complete policy and program development and evaluation services based on unique micro-economic primary and secondary research. These include:

  • Emerging market export achievements – timely reports on early market export accomplishments
  • Multinational enterprise (MNE) and global value chain strategy and program development – strategies to prioritize deployment of trade promotion resources
  • Cross-ministerial (cross-cutting) policy and program benchmarking – international policy and program assessments including the development of program evaluation frameworks
  • Technology road-mapping– primary and secondary research of technological capacity
  • Industrial capacity gap analysis – sector analysis based on primary and secondary research of industry drivers and trends