Analytica Advisors' Mission

Our mission is to build, in a sustainable and ethical manner, a research and advisory business that promotes economic growth of public and private sector organizations providing environmental and social benefits.

Our Goals

Analytica Advisors is focused on strengthening the global and domestic success of the Canadian clean technology industry and innovation-based companies that are core to the industry. We intend to accomplish this by thought-leadership in evidence-based research that provides greater credibility of innovation-based companies vis-a-vis large corporations and governments, and by developing alternative financial instruments that recognize environmental and social impacts.

Our Objectives

To achieve this mission we have set out the following objectives:

  • To deliver benchmarking, consulting and program evaluation services that provide unique business insight for investors, company managers and program managers to mitigate risk and due diligence concerns.
  • To contribute to sustainable economic growth by delivering evidence that improves the domestic and international business environment for innovation-based clean technology companies through policies, programs and regulations that are inclusive of technology developers and their partners    

Our Commitments

At AA, we exist because of our belief in both what needs to be done and our faith in our ability to make a contribution to achieve what is needed. We believe that innovation-based companies can be more than short-term investments, but rather that they can be enduring contributors to prosperity and to social impact. Throughout our work, we are committed to the sustainable development of the economy.

Our Beliefs and Values

At Analytica Advisors we:

  • Deliver tangible results. We define these results in terms of our clients' growth and success, the actions taken by our subscribers, and the bottom line for our environment and our country in terms of exports and climate change policy.
  • Consider all facets of a business issue. We do this because we know that for sustainable and profitable change and business aexpansion to occur, a system may need to be built or changed. A systematic approach is fastest in the long run.
  • Rely on partnerships. Our core competence is building tools and evidence that will enable profitable and sustainable business to occur. We know that partnerships are the only way for us to reach all those who are engaged in industry.
  • Consider the long-term consequences of decisions. We do this because building a sustainable business takes time. Our ability to be profitably sustainable is part of our commitment to our families, our clients and the broader community of companies, investors and decision makers who rely on us. We develop products and services with the view not only of financial profits, but also whether they add sustainable value to the industry and our clients.
  • Treat all stakeholders in an ethical and responsible manner. We act in an ethical manner that is steeped in honesty, reliability, respect, courtesy and transparency. This is at the core of our reputation and the trust we have earned, and imbues all interaction with our employees, suppliers, clients and partners. 

Professional Conduct

We will conduct all our activities with professionalism and integrity. We are commited to objectivity in our analysis and decisions, as well as with any recommendations that we provide, so that issues will not be influenced by anything other than the best interests of our clients.

Client Protection

All our clients have the right to the following from Analytica Advisors:

  • Rigorous protection of all confidential and commercially-sensitive information
  • Prompt response from associates on questions and concerns
  • Prompt follow-up from management on questions and concerns including a commitment to address questions within 5 business days.

Community Service and Giving

Analytica Advisors aims to contribute to help build our local and wider communities by engaging with organizations that support our values and on whom we rely. These values include:

  • Delivering tangible results
  • Considering of all facets of an issue
  • Cultivating partnerships
  • Considering the long-tem consequences of our decisions
  • Treating all stakeholders in an ethical and responsible manner

Through this policy Analytical Advisors commits to:

  • Supporting community organizations and partners with like values
  • Supporting Analytica Advisors' associates in their actions to support these community organizations

Whenever business conditions allow, Analytica Advisors' management is committed to giving 7.5 percent of company profits to community organizations with values similar to our own.


Analytica Advisors aims to contribute to help build our local communities by engaging with companies who are owned locally, and who themselves procure locally. through this policy Analytica Advisors commits to:

  • Cultivating the two-way communications that underpin strong relationships with its suppliers
  • Seeking local suppliers and giving these preference whenever business conditions make this possible
  • Seeking women and minority-owned businesses, and supporting these whenever business conditions make this possible

Analytica Advisors has a number of local suppliers that provide both services (travel, IT support, printing, graphics etc.) and products (food and catering). All Analytica Advisors associates, be they full-time or part-time employees or contractors, are asked to support the company's procurement policy. Analytica Advisors associates are located across Canada, They are encouraged to support local vendors for the services that they require.

Equality and Discrimination

We will under no circumstances be influenced in our decisions, actions or recommendations by issues of gender, race, creed, colour, age or personal disability.